Short Sale your Tuolumne CA and Sonora Home


Sonora California’s inventory of short sale properties is starting to increase due to the current decline in the prices of real estate here in Sonora and Tuolumne County and the inability to re-finance out of current high mortgage payments.  A short sale is a solution for homeowners to relieve themselves of missed mortgage payments and save their credit without letting the home go into foreclosure.  There are a lot of questions involved with a short sale and most consumers are not aware of the various nuances involved in short selling their home.

Our goal here at Century 21 Wildwood Properties is to inform the consumer with all the information on short selling their home so they can make an education judgement if short selling their home is the best decision.   A short sale is similar to a traditional sale where a realtor comes out to your home to give you an idea of what your home is worth and what it well sell for in the current marketplace.  It’s important that correct comparables are used since the banks will require proof of comparable properties when you submit for a short sale approval.  The home is put on the market, as other homes are on the market, and defined as a short sale that is subject to the lenders final approval of price and terms.

Once an offer is received then we submit a package to both the first and second trust deed holder.   Homes that only have a first trust deed and not a second trust deed are typically easier to process and quicker to get approved.  Also, a first and second trust deed that is held by the same bank is also typically easier to process and quicker to get an approval.  Below are the following documents that will be needed to submit your short sale packet to the bank:

  • Fully executed and signed purchase agreement signed by both buyer and seller
  • Hardship Letter prepared by the homeowner (we have sample letters)
  • Profit and Loss Statement
  • 2 Months worth of bank statements
  • Copy of the MLS Listing Agreement
  • Comparative Market Anaylsis (CMA) of your home.
  • Detailed information on comparable properties from your CMA.

I am a short sale expert for Sonora California and Tuolumne County and have a strong record for successful short sale transactions.  For more information on Sonora Short Sales and how to sell your Sonora home please CONTACT ME today at 209-743-3010.  For information on currently listed short sale and foreclosure properties currently for sale in Sonora and Tuolumne County visit  Sonora Short Sale & Foreclosure page.

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